The Framework Stakeholder Engagement Project

IL Framework Project Graphic - Engagement

The Framework recognizes that the ideas and insights of consumers, service providers, advocates and state employees contribute to more user-friendly, customer-focused healthcare and human services delivery systems.

The Illinois Public Health Institute (IPHI) leads the Stakeholder Engagement Project for the Illinois Framework. The Stakeholder Engagement Team executes educational and feedback-gathering activities to ensure that the Framework is responsive to the needs of its stakeholders.


Illinois Framework Stakeholder Engagement Project

Since 2011, the Stakeholder Engagement Team has led more than 100 events across the state and online, including discussion-based town hall conversations, educational presentations, focus groups and webinars.

In total, more than 2500 service providers, consumers, advocates and state employees have participated in the Framework’s stakeholder engagement activities.

Below is more information about other stakeholder engagement activities supported by the Illinois Framework’s Stakeholder Engagement Team.

 Tell us about upcoming meetings in your area

Stakeholders are invited to suggest upcoming conferences, meetings or events that could accommodate a Framework presentation or discussion session.

Kathleen Monahan

Kathleen Monahan, Director of the Illinois Framework, speaks to a group of state employees in Springfield, IL.

The Stakeholder Engagement Project aims to schedule presentations and focus groups around the state, but the intention is to piggy-back off existing events, rather than organizing independent meetings.

Tell us about upcoming conferences, meetings or events that could potentially accommodate a Framework presentation or discussion session by emailing, or using the website’s “contact us” feature. The Framework presentations can be customized to range between 15 minutes for informational presentations and 90 minutes to include more interactive discussions.

Act as a Framework Champion

The Framework intends to utilize volunteers as part of its change management plan to help increase awareness, understanding and support for the Framework. The Framework will enlist and engage as many Champions as possible over the duration of the project.

If you are interested in supporting the Illinois Framework, register to act as a Framework Champion!